Creativity makes the difference

Moony Productions is an audiovisual producer from Mallorca, operating in Baleares and in the national and international territory. Our goal is to transform your ideas in success.

We are referents in the production of videos in Mallorca, and we provide all type of projects: corporate videos foe events, advertising videos, videoclips, wedding, sports, estate videos, and more

Why should you make a video with Moony Productions?


By our own experience we know that deliveries are always delayed. Between the audiovisual studios in Mallorca, Moony Productions provides a fast delivery, in accordance with your expectations.


This is not a slogan for us, it is our goal. In Moony Production we are experts in audiovisual communication and in providing a shape to your most creative insights. We improve every single detail in all your work phases, using the proper techniques and equipment for every situation.


We love creating, the same way a child loves playing. Whether it is a wedding or a sport events, we love the creativity and to highlight each detail to make an important moment in your life one that you won´t forget.

Our Way of Working

Audiovisual Production for every field

We use highly professional teams and we also provide a filming drone service. Do you want to have your wedding video in Mallorca? Will you shoot a videoclip with your band? Whatever your need is, we are here to assist you.

The client plays the lead

We are happy to find the right solution for you, conducting a continuous monitoring, from the main idea to the final product. We Will listen to you at any previous and post stage of the production, and we will make you a participate.


The cost depends on many factors, and it is not always easy to provide a fixed price. Our goal is to find the right commitment, according to each client’s budget and the complexity of the project. Once these factors are analyzed, we provide 3 illustrative options regarding the final price:

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