Our Audiovisual Production Services

Moony Productions follows each step of your audiovisual project, from the pre-production to the final product, considering all your needs and demands.

We are experts who film all kind of videos, drone filming, editing, producing and post-producing. You won´t have to worry about anything: we are ready to listen to your concept and make it real, step by step!

Project Phases


It is the start of the project, the phase where we listen carefully to your idea and together, we decide how will the story be told. We write the storyboard, we decide where to film and we define what will be needed to conduct your idea.


This is the action phase, when we turn your story in images, shooting the scenes and shaping it with the production. We´ll be by your side during this stage, conducting a constant follow-up of your needs, in order for the final product to meet your expectations.


The final phase, in which we edit your video to be perfect. We correct the color, add effects, credits, and everything is needed to obtain a final product according to what you have pictured.